Little Mo is the smallest and the shy 1 of the 3 stooges. Mo is very loving. Mo gets scared when things change but just needs a very close hug and reassurance that you are there for him. Mo is an absolute joy and stole my heart. Mo deserves his very own family to love and adore him as much as he will them His owner could not keep him and his brothers for personal reasons. I made a promise to th...
Curly, the most playful of the 3 stooges is truly a joy! Curly loves your attention. He s a very happy boy. Curly has 2 brothers, Larry and Mo. Their owner could not keep due to personal reasons. These boys eagerly came home with me. I promised to help Curly and his brothers find their awesome loving forever family and I will keep that promise
Larry is the cutest of the 3 stooges, who recently came to my house. Bringing lots of wet kisses and playfulness , Larry quickly became 1 of the gang. Larry has 2 brothers, Curly and Mo. Their owner could no longer keep them, for personal reasons. These 3 stooges will easily find their forever perfect family
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